About Us

Foods dear to those in the mode of goodness increase the duration of life, purify one’s existence and give strength, health, happiness and satisfaction.

Our Story Since 1960

Homely Tiffin was started to merge the wisdom of the Vedas that pay tribute to the inherent spirituality that exemplifies Indian cooking. We just didn’t want to be another veg Tiffin service in Mumbai that only provides home food; but we also wanted to give our customers the feel of, "maa ke haath ka khana" with our dishes that are healthy for both physical and mental well being, delicious and uplifting. We love to take our customers back to the warmth of a mother’s love by serving fresh, organic, locally sourced, dishes cooked according to Vedic customs.

We believe it’s our duty as vegetarian Tiffin service provider in Mumbai is to deliver fresh, hygienic meals and most importantly taste with every bite. Our staff is dedicated to satisfying your cravings for great food that will uplift your body, mind, and spirit!

Homely Tiffin today has grown from a small lunch box service in Mumbai to a service provider that can accommodate and cater to anything or anyone. Be it lunch boxes, Tiffin service, any workplace function or private event – we will work with you in every step to make your dining experience pleasurable and worry-free. We work with you on your menu selection to ensure the dishes are a perfect fit for your special occasion.

Spreading the Aroma of Love - Homely Tiffin Homely Tiffin

Homely Tiffin was not born today. It has been a journey and its essence was ingrained in Homely Tiffin Homely Tiffin right from his childhood. While he was growing up, he witnessed his family bring culture and passion for food. They dedicated their whole lives relentlessly working to provide healthy food which satisfies the senses and enriches the soul.

This love for food and passion to serve people healthy delicacies increased his thirst for the food industry and took him to the United Kingdom where he studied at Edinburgh Napier University to understand the global hospitality and food industry. He worked all over London and Scotland to gain a rich experience.

With this global experience , knowledge and passion to provide holistic service, Homely Tiffin looks to make Homely Tiffin a global brand- A brand that is synonymous with healthy, uplifting food made with Vedic wisdom. He calls on and looks forward for everyone to join him on this beautiful Journey where Homely Tiffin spreads its aroma across the globe!

We would love to take all of you on this Beautiful Journey.

- Homely Tiffin Homely Tiffin

Best Service Ever

Being purely a vegetarian kitchen makes us stand out with most of the other premium tiffin service provider.